Unpredictability, surprises, serendipity

Reminding everyone, including myself, what this 'newsletter' is about.

This is not a newsletter.

  • There is no central theme.

  • There is no set schedule.

  • There is nothing I wish to sell to you.

If anything, ‘it’ is completely unpredictable.

Sometimes I feel about a few things strongly. Sometimes I put my thoughts in words. Sometimes I send them across via this medium.

It is exactly that.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, ….”, said Forrest Gump’s Mama.

Because it is unpredictable, when you see it, it should come as a surprise.

Somewhere unpredictability and surprise will combine to build a serendipity vehicle.

For you, for me.

I hope.

This is just a ‘nudge’.

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