Pick one, and stick to it

Avoid shiny object syndrome and the paradox of choice

The list of note-taking apps I have tried is long.

  • Physical Diary, Draft Emails

  • MS Word, MS Notes, Google Docs

  • Apple Notes, Google Keep

  • Evernote, Notion, Roam Research

None of these are bad products and each does a good job of note-taking.

A few reasons for my failure to adopt one app are:

  • I fell prey to the shiny object syndrome.

  • My choice of app is limited by my access to the app.

  • I don’t give an app a fair try by not sticking with the app longer.

  • With so many options, I am stuck with the paradox of choice.

The result is 100s of my notes distributed between 10s of places.

Any app will help you do the majority of things you want to do. Some features are obscure, but still discoverable with some effort.

Currently, Notion seems like an amazing application. But RoamResearch is knocking at its door. But, this time, I have vowed to stick with Notion and not get distracted by the one thing a new tool does better.

My hope from Notion is simple.

By the time I have explored 90% of Notion’s features, Notion will bridge this gap with RoamResearch. I hear they have an amazing leadership team.

Note-taking apps were just an example.

The same is true for other personal productivity apps. Think To Do list apps, Fitness Trackers, Meditation, Podcasts, Music, etc.

Pick one, and stick to it.

Use the app, and don’t let the app use you.

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