An announcement

The Joy of Sharing is now One on One


It’s been almost 3 months since I last wrote here.

Although not by design, these 3 months have helped me rethink this newsletter.

To refresh your memory, you had subscribed to this newsletter called ‘The Joy of Sharing’. And it’s no longer that.


‘The Joy of Sharing’ is now ‘One on One’.

I have rewritten what this newsletter is going to be about, starting today.

Long story short, I will no longer be curating articles to share with you in a newsletter.

I will, instead, write original content, my own thoughts.


Among many other reasons, I feel curation is not for me.

Firstly, I hardly have the time to curate articles on the internet, only for it to be a ‘curation’.

Secondly, I think I have a few original thoughts, first-hand experiences, genuine conversations, and organic epiphanies of my own.

I will, therefore, be writing my own content, instead of curating somebody else’s.


I know you subscribed to this newsletter thinking it was one thing. But now it’s a completely different thing.

I understand you may not be interested in what I have to say now.

Thankfully, it is easier to fix this.

In the footer of this email, you will find the link to Unsubscribe.

Trust me, I will completely understand.

Signing off, for now

If you’ve anything you’d like to share, I would love to hear from you!

I am @sardamit on Twitter or just an email away.

You can leave a comment on this post too.

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Until next time,
Amit Sarda